Sketch book series is a project I realized for TAPESTORY blog, which seeked to connect people trough their stories. The project consisted in a reinterpretation of old nostalgic pictures, trying to work more from memory than from the observation. And sharing the story about each moment. check out more of this project here:
Sometimes I didn’t use to enjoy drawing because it came with a lot of stress. I wanted each trace to be perfect. To finish a piece could took me months and, after I finished with the trace, I couldn’t think of adding colour or anything else because that would screw up my 6 month piece.
My recent work was about letting go all respect I had for my works and life itself, as not giving it so much importance and let it go. So I decided to use pen to make it permanent because that way I couldn’t think too much about changing anything and getting stuck with it.
I find myself fascinated by the idea of portraying people of pictures I find interesting, especially family pictures or lost memories. 
My attempt is to let my memory fill the traces; I force myself to take short peeks of the picture and fill the rest of the interpretation of the moment I remember, of the subject.
About the picture’s story: my Grandparents where the perfect couple by the magnetism law: the contrary poles. They got contradicted their hole life and love each other every minute of it. 
Sketchbook series is about different memories, stories, or personalities that affected my life permanently.
I have always had a very close relationship with my siblings; especially with the younger one, even though when we grew up I use to hate having him around all the time.
It lasted a while for him to learn how to speak. My family tell me that I use to speak for him all the time, even if that meant blaming myself of beating him.
We use to be around all the time. I couldn’t went anywhere without a brother to look after me, or a brother to look after. We shared the same schools, and often the same room class.
This picture is a blank in my memory I can’t recall anything about, but what it strokes me about it is the sense of the relationship we use to have, and to notice that nothing had change since then, except that this time I love to have him around.
In every important date we used to be dress up with the exact same clothes in the exact same way. This was one of the things that could upset me the most as a kid. I think it had to do with the fact that my siblings and I look a lot the same,  and clothing was the only thing that could speak of each one’s personalities.
This portrait is about one of those dates.
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